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Melissa and Denis . . . Let’s go Blue Jays!

Like the title heralds, here’s a little e-shoot recently shot that entails the story of Melissa, a native Bostonian, who fell in love with Denis, a native Torontonian. Both avid Baseball fans, they happened to have scheduled their engagement shoot on a day that the Red Sox played the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. […]

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Andrea and Dan are a fun and exciting couple. Adventurous and down to earth, and really open and up for anything . . . including requesting a boudoir session for the engagement shoot! what a great idea. i haven’t shot anything like this in the past, so it was not only new to them, but […]

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kimberlea and christopher . . .
partners in crime

our first wedding of 2012 documents a magical day with kimberlea and christopher; partners in crime. getting to know these two was quite easy. the first time we met was late on a sunday night over a bottle of fine california pinot, so right off the bat, we knew that it would be a great […]

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it’s all about timing . . . i showed up to linda and john’s engagement shoot thinking that i was early upon arrival. little did i know that linda and john were one step ahead and greeted me with all smiles ready for their debut in front of the camera! the scene: various locations – […]

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sharon and syd . . . on the love train . . .

sharon and syd . . . so much love, always having fun . . . a perfect fit early morning love texting . . . syd’s essentials for the day kuba hanging out with syd and the boys at his parents house . . neat perspective! syd and the groomsmen . . . ready to […]

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