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Winter love . . . Sarah and Nick E-session

here’s a quick teaser from Sarah and Nick’s Winter Engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago . . . wanting to have some outdoor fun in the brisk air was their idea, i swear! in the end, we had a great time (they are so easy going and lots of fun) and were up for […]

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Julie and Mike . . . come live with me and be my love

julie and mike . . . come live with me and be my love . . . some winners from their wedding this past summer . . . in a nutshell, vietnam meets poland; a classic toronto multicultural wedding taken place in mississauga, ontario, canada starting a new chapter together, congratulations to julie and mike […]

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Anna and Dewey . . . the love of my life

Anna and Dewey are a couple that are most definitely in LOVE . . . i really don’t know how else to say it except that they are absolutely perfect for one another! their love is contagious and they simply light up a room with their energy and adoration for one another. their wedding day […]

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