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rachael and sasha . . .
do not pass go, do not collect $200!

original wedding themes are quite difficult to come up with, most especially when you want to be original. well, rachael and sasha spared no detail when coming up with their wedding theme of monopoly. what a cool idea. now i didn’t have the pleasure of being at this wedding. my better half, and photographer extraordinaire, […]

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sharon and syd . . . on the love train . . .

sharon and syd . . . so much love, always having fun . . . a perfect fit early morning love texting . . . syd’s essentials for the day kuba hanging out with syd and the boys at his parents house . . neat perspective! syd and the groomsmen . . . ready to […]

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the twins are turning 5!

rach and i had the pleasure of doing a winter wonderland family shoot with nico, leila, and their adorable twins, oliver and grace last week. it was a great afternoon, although chilly, their beautiful home and fun love inspired us to capture many candids of the family. most especially the twins, that are turning 5 […]

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lisa and alex: in memory of . . .

i’ve known lisa for a while now. we met years ago, as she is a corporate event planner, and we have developed a working relationship over the years. (sometimes we shoot other events than weddings!)   like many of our clients, our relationship progressed to being good friends, and we were definitely honoured to be a […]

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kristie and jason: opposites attract

they may be different, opposites in fact,  but kristie and jason truly love one another and celebrated their wedding in style at the liberty grand.  with their very close friends and family, they partied all night long . . . man they can dance. thanks for a memorable day and evening and congrats to the […]

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