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family portraits, little ones and mothers-to-be

a compilation of some my recent work over the last season . . . enjoy, pass it on to those who you think may like to see this, and most importantly, happy holidays! Rach xo 1_MG_6855 1a _MG_0113 2_MG_0050 3_MG_0042 4_MG_6810 5_MG_6961 6_MG_0239 7_MG_8937evachoco 8_MG_7988eva1 8a_MG_2981 8b_MG_2998 9_MG_2003 10_MG_1955 11_MG_0319 12_MG_2044 13_MG_2012 14_MG_9973 15_MG_9992 16_MG_2102 […]

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1_MG_0898 2_MG_0910 3_MG_6998 4_MG_7007 5_MG_6934 6_MG_0644 7_MG_0674 8_MG_0577 9_MG_3957 10_MG_3861 11_MG_3866 12_MG_3616 13_MG_3632 14_MG_3854 15_MG_3862 16_MG_3976 17_MG_3911 18_MG_3840 19_MG_3619 20_MG_3749 21IMG_1471 22IMG_1366 23IMG_1425 24IMG_1442 25IMG_1228 26IMG_1438 27_MG_0395 28_MG_5605 29_MG_0225 30_MG_0279 31_MG_5750 32_MG_3569 33_MG_3620 34_MG_9844 35_MG_3532 36_MG_3642 37_MG_3604 38_MG_3658 39IMG_6891 40IMG_6918 41_MG_9239

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Jen and Dirk . . . from Germany to Canada . . .

well, they finally were in the same city to celebrate their special day . . . with jen living and working in toronto and dirk fullfilling his obligations in germany, they planned a cultural event here in toronto. although they are at this time still in different countries vying their time to start there new […]

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Kara and Emmett

_MG_3776 _MG_3828 _MG_3843 _MG_3872 _MG_3905 _MG_3944 _MG_3953 _MG_3958 _MG_3965 _MG_3999 _MG_4000 _MG_4067 _MG_4076 _MG_4127 _MG_4136 _MG_4156 _MG_4167 _MG_4180 _MG_4204 _MG_4210 _MG_4350 _MG_4378 _MG_4429 _MG_4450 _MG_4464 _MG_4548 _MG_4612 _MG_4633 _MG_4645 z_MG_4585 Thanks for a great afternoon you two! can’t wait for the wedding in May

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Lucy and Matt . . . nothing but laughs

lucy and matt found us on line through our website and blog, however when we met up to discuss the possibility of being a part of their special day, we discovered that we had so much in common. not only did our personalities hit it off naturally, but we also happened to know some of […]

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